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Eisarsch 2020

  • Norway is a wonderful country.

  • Driving a motorbike with a sidecar is pure fun.

  • Winter with snow promises a spectacular time.

All combined must be more than just the sum of its parts, right?
So, what you do is to drive…. in deep winter…. to Norway…. with your combination?
Oh yes, you bet!

Here´s how this works:

It has been a few years since Georg called fellow combination drivers from various regions to join him on exactly this type of journey. This event has the matching title „Eisarsch“ (Eng. Ice butt) because, you know, it does get cold up there! This group of like-minded people (or rather, like-weird) consists of friends who have done this tour before, but also people who have never met in their life, who quickly became friends as well. There seems to be a common mindset of the definition of fun, which is a strong starting ground for a lasting friendship.

In February 2020, a group of 43 tough as nails motorcyclists met with the goal to start their frozen motorbikes at -25°C (-13°F) just to be able to make a tour and feel the icy wind caress their faces.

Next, have a splendid time in the evening, socializing with strange, yet very congenial fellow travelers. Each evening there is a grand community dinner with changing cooks who prove that exceptional culinary treats can be found in secluded Norwegian huts as well. (Anyone want a second helping of reindeer?)

In the morning small groups with the same travel plans and a similar driving pace meet and travel through the enchanting Scandinavian scenery. Upon returning to the base camp, you will have a splendid time in the evening, enjoying more socializing with strange, yet very congenial fellow travelers. Then, there is the next of the amazing communal dinners with a new set of cooks. (Anyone a second helping of the Maultaschen?)

So, the daily routine repeats, but the adventures change every minute. This one week in Norway provides enough stories to tell for many months to come.

Months of preparations went into the combinations; the selection of the best winter tires with or without tungsten spikes and the best equipment for the driver to be braced for any conceivable challenge.

Well, of course, others simply packed their stuff three days before departure and started the tour without much hassle. Either way, everyone made it safely to Norway and back, with the addition of a wide grin on their faces.

The procedure goes like this:

First, depart from any location in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland to meet in Kiel on Saturday. Then, take the ferry boat which arrives a day later in Oslo. Now you just head north until the roads turn white and a deep and real winter feeling starts to flow through your body.

When arriving at the “Hytta”, you are greeted by the other 42 participants, or you are giving those a warm welcome who arrive after you.

You see this one elk, which eyes you shyly and then flees into the woods. The other elk we met was rather sturdy, 10 meters tall and seemed to be made of polished stainless steel.

In Elgå, the one lake we visited was frozen, and had been turned into an airfield. No matter how hard we tried, we were not able to reach the velocity needed for takeoff.

The other lake was (of course) also frozen and is used as a speedway track. The pro tournaments are taking place only on weekends, so we were free to perfect our drifts along the 4 km racetrack.

We are proud to present you the most magnificent moments of our Norwegian winter journey in this fabulous film.

Klaus, Markus and Martin